Monday, November 30, 2009

Ulu Geroh - 28/29 November 2009

we had a visitor seeking the warmth of the car on a cold and rainy night

it is venomous but beautiful

then there was the frog orgy - the female (the larger frog seen here) produces clutches of eggs together with a foam precursor liquid; the male(s), clinging to her back and using his legs in a rapid "egg-beater" motion, whips the liquid into a foamy mass while fertilising the eggs

the males have left, leaving the female to put the finishing touch to the foam nest

the beautiful cendawan bulan (moon mushroom). they are the original glow-in-the dark, emitting a beautiful green glow that can be amazingly bright. since my itsy bitsy camera could not capture the glow very well, i took it in 'daylight' mode.

our favourite orang asli (indigenous people) village. we call this "The Shire"